It’s important to stay very organized once your response cards start coming in, especially if you are having a sit down dinner and need to keep track of what each guest would like for dinner. I suggest setting up an excel spreadsheet, this will keep you organized and add everything up for you. List the guests down the left column and list the choices along the top row, make sure to total everything at the bottom of the page and have a column for “Declined”, that way you remember they responded. See the example above.

So the total number of guest you’ve invited is in green and the total number of guests attending is in yellow. The yellow box, number attending, and the blue box, the number of guests that declined should equal the green box, the total number you invited. The pink boxes are the total numbers of each meal you will need. In this example you would tell the venue “I have 6 guests attending, I will need 3 beefs, 2 chickens and a fish meal.”