At your 90 day appointment you will receive a room diagram from us showing the layout of numbered guest tables in your reception room. Please follow the steps listed below to help organize the assigned seating process and prepare the room diagram which you’ll be giving to us the day before your wedding.

  1. Take a separate sheet of paper and number columns 1 to 10, these will represent your guest tables. Now you can group together the guests you would like to sit at the same table in the same column (don’t worry about what table number they will be at just yet). Remember, you can fit 8 to 10 people at each table, so number the columns to 10 but keep in mind 8 or 9 people is ok too.

Table ________                     Table ________                                                   

  1.                                              1
  2.                                              2.
  3.                                              3.
  4.                                              4.
  5.                                              5.
  6.                                              6.
  7.                                              7.
  8.                                              8.
  9.                                              9.
  10.                                             10.
  1. Once you have everyone assigned to a grouping you can decide which group will be assigned to which table on the diagram. Write the table number from the diagram on the line above the column. If you don’t need all the tables on the diagram we gave you, cross out the ones you don’t want. You can renumber the rest of the tables if you’d like or leave it as is, we will follow your numbering.
  1. Next, write the number of guests at each table in the corresponding circle on the diagram. This way we know how many chairs and place settings to have at each table. Don’t forget to write in the number of people at the head table too. A good way to double check that you didn’t miss anyone is to add up the number of seats on your diagram and compare it to your final number of guests, they should be the same.
  1. Once you’ve finished your reserved seating diagram and decided where you would like everyone to be, you will need to create place cards or a poster board to instruct them which table they should sit at. Organize the place cards or poster board in alphabetical order by last name, remember, your guests know their name, they don’t know what table they are assigned to. Please keep in mind, you will need to make place cards if you are having a served dinner, because you will need to code them to let the server know which meal choice each guest preordered.