The Unity Ceremony has long been a tradition at wedding ceremonies.  The Unity Ceremony gives you a chance to ‘memorialize’ your wedding ceremony in a form of something to look back upon for years to come.

We have all seen the traditional Unity Candle ceremony or sand ceremony.  But did you know there are several other unique Unity ceremonies you can do?

Here are just a few we have seen over the past few years:

  • Unity glass bowl ceremony…instead of pouring sand into a container, you use small pieces of glass. You then send the container of mixed glass to a special artisan who creates a beautiful bowl or vase made especially for you.
  • Love Letter Wine Time Capsule…you write a love letter to each other and place in a box with a special bottle of wine. You then open the box on either your 1st or 5th Wedding Anniversary, enjoy the wine and read the love letters.  This tradition can then be carried out on consecutive years. (The wine can also be omitted from the ceremony)
  • Unity Painting…risky business in a wedding dress, but can be done! You create a painting together on a canvas with your monogram or a heart.  The painting then becomes a beautiful work of art for your home remembering your wedding day.
  • Honey ceremony…you feed each other honey to signal the start of your ‘Honeymoon’. Did you know that honey has been a part of weddings in several cultures for centuries?  Google it – it’s very interesting!
  • Tree planting ceremony…You take dirt from the yard of your family homes and plant a tree in the combined dirt. You then take the tree home to plant in your own yard and watch it grow as your marriage grows and flourishes!

The options are endless!  Be creative, have fun… and work with your officiant to create the right unique Unity Ceremony that fits you!