While bridal shower and wedding gifts are still a major piece of every wedding and marriage, what brides and grooms register for has changed drastically over the past few decades.  With a much larger percentage of couples being older, having careers and already being out on their own, brides and grooms don’t see the need for fine china or fancy towels and linens.  Listed below are some alternative registry ideas.

One Stop Shopping Website Registry – Anyone who has ever shopped on amazon or a similar website knows you can find just about anything there.  A website like that is the one stop shop for any practical or impractical item a bride or groom could want.

Honeymoon Registries – While these websites are technically crowdfunding pages, many go a step further and allow the guests to contribute to an actual piece of the honeymoon.  The guests can purchase that spa package the bride specifically registered for or contribute to the couple’s airfare.

House Buying Registries – Very similar to a honeymoon registry, with a home registry guests can contribute to a down payment for the bride and groom to purchase a house.  Many sites also allow the bride and groom to register for specific items then guests can select what they want the money used for, for example landscaping or purchasing furniture.

Charity Registries – Some brides and grooms feel like they already have everything they need and choose a few charities that their guests can donate to on their behalf.

These non-traditional registries might not be popular with all your guests.  You may still want to register for a few things at an actual store in case a guest does want to buy you a conventional gift.