Using decorations, appetizers, meals, desserts, specialty drinks, and your entertainment to create an overall theme is another way of spicing up the event. Monroe Plan comes up with a unique theme each year for their annual summer picnic and go all out to create the overall effect.

Their most recent event was a Hawaiian Luau. We created a Hawaiian buffet which featured Pulled pork, Teriyaki chicken, Pineapple coleslaw, a tropical fruit platter, and King Hawaiian rolls. They offered a Tiki Bar with tropical non- alcoholic drinks, and had a hula hoop contests, islander picture boards, Hawaiian singers, and hula lessons.

Other themes we’ve seen include: Blues & BBQ, Central Park, Era 1950’s, 70s, Around the World, Oktoberfest, Mardi Gras, Monte Carlo, Fall Harvest, and Holidays.

There are lots of ways to keep events fresh and your guests interested. We at the Burgundy Basin would be happy to help you with ideas and to customize our menus to fit your unique needs.