Many couples now choose not to have their guests sign a traditional guest book; instead they create something more personal to them and their wedding reception theme.  The couple wants to have something they can display in their home, and not just store away in a box somewhere, never to been seen again.

Ditch the traditional Guest book and create something personal to you. 

  1. Picture mats for the guests to sign and write notes which can then be used to showcase your wedding picture and decorate your new home.
  2. Puzzle pieces or board games boards (Monopoly, Clue). Jenga
  3. Smooth river stones can be later stored in a glass jar or placed in your yard
  4. Holiday Ornaments- Glass Balls
  5. Wishing Trees- to be later displayed within your home
  6. Globes- chalk board ones or “Earth” ones to highlight favorite guest’s destinations
  7. Old Music Album Covers- (don’t want to ruin your so check out garage sales)
  8. Picture Books featuring your favorite subjects or honeymoon Destinations

What ever you choose make it our own- it is a wonderful way to show your individual style.