Signature cocktails are being seen at more and more events these days. They are a great way to add uniqueness to any special occasion. A customized drink can help reflect you or a theme of the wedding day. While they are a fun detail to enhance your day, a few common mistakes can inadvertently cause them to have the opposite effect. When creating a signature drink there are a few key elements to consider, drinkability, the number of ingredients, and the cost.

Having a cocktail simply because you saw one posted on face book doesn’t give much meaning to your guests, but making it part of an overall theme for the wedding will help it enhance your day. Do you have a favorite cocktail or ingredient? Maybe you enjoy sweet drinks or hard ciders. These should be reflected in your cocktail to show your guests a little about you. Do you have an overall theme for the wedding? Maybe it reflects a specific season or revolves around a specific color scheme. A fun way might be to give it a meaningful name.

Give the cocktail a meaning and your friends and family will be more likely to try it and get the most enjoyment from it.

Something Blue                       Jessica’s Kiss                           Purple Rain

Vodka                                     Spiced Rum                            Vodka

Blue Curacoa                         Sour Mix                                 Blue Curacao

Lemonade                              Cranberry Juice                     Cranberry Juice

                                                                                                Pineapple Juice


Keep in mind that you will be hosting a large number of guests and therefore what you decide on needs to appeal to the masses. Popular liquors such as vodka and rum work well. Also consider a large portion of receptions are held in warmer months of the year and sweeter, refreshing cocktails made with ingredients such as juices and lemonade can be crowd pleasers. While a spiked mulled cider might sound great for a fall theme, most people are not used to drinking their cider and alcohol warmed up. In our area chances are good there will still be warmer days in the fall season, add this to some high energy cupid shuffle on the dance floor and nobody is looking to try your drink. A refreshing, apple cider sangria or a Cranberry apple cider cocktail made with cider, vodka, cranberry and orange juice would better quench your crowd’s thirst.

Now you’ve got a signature drink in mind that reflects your wedding and that you believe everyone will love. The next question to ask? Is it practical. There are thousands of great libation concoctions at our finger tips vi a simple google search, nut the person creating these cocktails probably aren’t intending to make them o a scale comparable to your special day. Many are created for home dinner parties or at high end restaraunts where time and cost are not an issue. If you have one hundred and fifty thirsty guests clamoring to the bar during your cocktail hour, the last thing you want is your signature drink bogging down the bartenders and creating lines. Try to stay away from drinks with an exorbitant amount of ingredients. Many of the best drinks are made very simply and this will ensure the speed of which your bartenders can attend to your guests. Exotic ingredients which the barstaff are not used to can have the same results.

            Finally we come to cost. Having a signature drink should not have a significant effect on your bar budget. Many delicious cocktails can be easily created using ingredients you’ve already paid for in your bar package. Ask for suggestions from your reception staff. I know our team loces being creative,and coming up with different ideas, often at no additional cost.

            As couples look to customize their wedding day more and more, the signature drink will continue to grow in popularity. They are a great detail to add enhancing the overall experience of the day and adding that personal touch. Staying away from a few pitfalls can ensure your drink will be an enjoyable part of your wedding day.