Customizing place cards and coordinating them to the overall theme of the wedding has become very popular over the past few years. If you think about it, why wouldn’t you take this opportunity to set the tone of your themed reception? Your place cards are one of the first things your guests see, use them as an opportunity to introduce the theme or tone you are going for.

Many people have also started to combine the place card and favor into one. There are some pictures of examples below, we have also seen personalized wine bottles, or place cards in picture frames. If a couple has a photo booth they’ll even put the place cards in magnetic picture sleeves or bookmark sleeves, which guests can then put there photo strips in.

Just a final note on place cards… You want to make sure you lay them out and present them in alphabetical order. Many people try to keep them in table order, but if you think about it you guest knows their name, not what table number they are sitting at, so it is a lot easier to find their card if it is in alphabetical order.