We at The Burgundy Basin know hosting parties is not your primary job and that it is a challenge to create an event that will produce high attendance and satisfy everyone. Nothing’s worse than complaints of the same old gathering. You not only want to keep guests interested but also want them to be appreciative of your hard work and looking forward to the next event.

Here are some tips of what our customers have done in the past to create successful events.

  1. Have the event as part of the workday. People won’t have to give up there free time and weekend activities. Making the outing mandatory ensures the bonding and teamwork that you are trying to create. Without open bars to worry about and spouses, this can also lead to lower total costs.
  1. Create a team from the office. Ask for volunteers. Getting people on board as part of the process and who want to participate will help with overall satisfaction. While you will want final say on key decisions, a committee can help come up with a theme, creating decorations, and setting up activities. Best of all the extra hands will help alleviate some of your work.
  1. We suggest providing activities that a wide range of guests can enjoy.  See “Activities” for new ideas
  1. Entertainment is another means to add life to the party. See “Entertainment ideas” for some of the options available.
  1. Using decorations, appetizers, meals, desserts, specialty drinks, and your entertainment to create an overall theme is another way of spicing up the event.  See “Themed Parties” for more information