Flip flops

In addition to the traditional bathroom basket of toiletries and items your guests may need to freshen up throughout the night, many brides are placing a basket of flip flops near the dance floor. This allows their guests to dance the night away in comfort! It’s practical too, many guests like to take off their heels to dance, with the flip flops you are giving them an alternative to dancing barefoot. That can be dangerous, someone could break a glass or bottle on the dance floor (trust us, it tends to happen as the night goes on!) a guest could step on a piece of glass and cut themselves.

As with everything for your wedding, have fun with it, buy flip flops that coordinate with the colors of your wedding, or do a rainbow of colors so your guests can match them to their dress. Make sure you get a variety of sizes, remember, not everyone has the same size foot. You can also make a sign to put next to the basket, like “When your feet get tired and sore, grab a pair and dance some more!” or “Help yourself to a pair of Dancing Shoes and leave your excuses under the table.” Finally, have your DJ make announcements throughout the night to let your guests know they are there.