A common misconception about wedding dresses is that the bustle, the ability to pull up the train during the reception, comes already built into the dress. That is not true for many dresses. The bustle is actually sewn in by your seamstress during the alterations process.

You’ll want to meet with your seamstress for alterations and a bustle about a month and a half to two months before your wedding date. You don’t want to alter the dress too early in case you gain or lose weight during the final stretch, but you want to make sure you give the seamstress enough time to complete the alterations and not be rushed. Many brides have to go back multiple times to make sure the dress is perfect!

There are 2 popular types of bustles, the Traditional or American bustle and the European or French bustle. Check out this youtube video to see the differences. Also, make sure whoever is in charge of bustling the dress on your wedding day, your maid of honor, bridesmaids, mother, etc. watch the video too, remember you will be wearing the dress and not able to help!